Nick Dunklee - Resume

Nick Dunklee

Boulder, Colorado


I want problems to solve. Need something fixed? Broken? Made possible? Put me on the case.


    • Involved in all aspects of the software life cycle: initial design, prototyping, rollout, lifecycle optimizations, transitions to new platforms, sunsetting.
    • Extensive knowledge across a wide range of automation, telecommunications, deep storage, high performance networking, mobile, and computing technologies.
    • Test execution in a variety of environments, from cold bring up to shipping; improving existing automation infrastructure.
    • Roles have spanned a wide breadth of the industry: test, automation, release engineering using a myriad of software and hardware tools; development methodologies including waterfall and agile; budgeting and purchasing.

Work Experience

Sovrn Holdings, Inc. - Senior Software Development Engineer in Test
(2018- Present)
Rearchitecting and lifting-and-shifting to cloud, increasing QA code coverage, ephemeralizing bare metal systems to Docker environments. Various cloud technologies leveraged (DC/OS, AWS), various pipeline services (Jenkins, GoCD), various build managers (Maven, Gradle). Big data techs such as Kafka, Aerospike, Cassandra, as well as big-slower data like MySQL.

Spectra Logic - Software Development Engineer in Test
(2016 - 2018)
Senior role handling all facets of team development and test on deep storage technology and associated hardware and software products.

Qualcomm, Inc. - Senior Software Engineer
(2011 - 2016)
Most of my roles here circled around reducing time and resources required for tasks by automating things which were previously thought impossible to automate.

Cisco Systems - Software Engineer III
(2008 - 2011)
Owned QA effort on Cisco AnyConnect: test plan design, execution, automation, CI infrastructure improvements, driver certification and verification on all platforms.

Apple, Inc. - Software Engineer II
(2007 - 2008)
Took Apple’s VPN test infrastructure from a pile of wires in a cubicle to something capable of validating OS builds across a multitude of network configurations.

Career Highlights

  • Development of iPhone VPN testbed from ground up using salvaged equipment to run complex test scenarios simulating multiple enterprise networks, and connections to other countries for diagnosing problems remotely so we didn’t have to send engineers into the field.
  • Continued testing iOS builds and bug filing with Apple’s bug tracking system remotely as part of a cross-corporate partnership, including travel back to Apple’s site.
  • Development of new tools and procedures to execute tests on new features: framework for the test developers automation platform to talk to PowerShell, an automated Ruby tool to provision test machines with SNMP configurations at periodic intervals, a suite of Python tools to speed up manual test operations.
  • Automation and integration of devices at progressively earlier stages along the development cycle, including form-factor production devices, prototype boards, and a virtual chipset 1,000 miles away from automation infrastructure. The virtual chipset connected to the infrastructure over a USB-over-WAN solution and executed CI automation just like local hardware chipsets.
  • Collaborative design of the foundation of iOS security: framework discussions, whiteboarding sessions, identifying and closing security holes in advance.
  • On-site troubleshooting at customer sites of iPhone WiFi and VPN stacks, using tools such as AiroPeek.
  • First-pass engineer testing on high-profile products: Time Capsule, MobileMe, OS X.
  • Workflow design and execution for Microsoft WHQL driver testing against core VPN driver. Keeping this process in-house, built on inexpensive hardware, and hit delivery milestones months ahead of expectations.
  • Prototype and build out infrastructure for an Amazon S3 simulator with necessary DNS spoofing, avoiding costs of sending, receiving, and deleting data from Amazon.
  • Training of junior engineers without previous test experience to have a focus on thoroughness and “going the extra mile” to prevent problems later down the pipeline.
  • Write Python tool to scrape through gigabytes of log files, generate high-level results in easy-to-read Outlook-compatible HTML, email them, and add them to the internal wiki for historical documentation.
  • Reducing hours of engineer time to seconds.
  • Develop an XMLRPC queueing and automation communications protocol based on RabbitMQ to tie remote Windows automated test infrastructure into on-site Linux test infrastructure, further expanding the breadth of CI coverage.
  • Convert development, test source control, and build infrastructure from ClearCase to Git, while guiding and managing engineers through deployment of a Gerrit and Jenkins automated infrastructure on the back-end.
  • In-depth bug diagnosis: following stack traces and the source code of product (C, C++, Java, Objective C) to streamline code changes for developers.
  • Leverage virtualization for prototyping and deployment of technologies, accelerating deployment as well as reducing overhead costs.
    Train global support staff remotely and write documentation to ensure a smooth customer experience for products.