Boulder, Colorado
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    Seeking a position to utilize engineering, troubleshooting and quality assurance skills in a challenging environment.

    • Set up, automate, and maintain test cellular networks for chipset validation
    • Launched several VPN clients to millions of end-users worldwide
    • Scaled and maintained a build infrastructure used by hundreds of engineers
    • Extensive knowledge across a wide range of telecommunications, mobile, computing, and networking technologies
    • Operating system expert in configuration, admin, operation, debugging (OS X, Linux, Windows)
    • Integrate discontiguous automation infrastructures at remote sites
    Work Experience

    Spectra Logic - Engineer in Test
    (2016 - Present)

    Qualcomm, Inc. - Senior Software Engineering
    (2011 - 2016)

    • Create and deploy features to automated systems
    • Support engineer build test requests
    • Support, flash and deploy mobile devices/SIM cards, automate flashing process
    • Document processes through use of web based documentation tools including MediaWiki
    • Participate in code reviews through various source control systems
    • Create, manage, respond to feature requests and bug tracking utilizing JIRA
    LTE Test Base Station Team
    • Trained on LTE tech for automation of LTE test base station (TBS)
    • Configure base station for performance and throughput testing
    • DevOps role to increase efficiency of process to acquire, configure and deploy automation infrastructure
    • Document automation infrastructure to assist in training others

    3G WCDMA Test Base Station Team
    • Enhance existing automated infrastructure to maintain continuous integration (CI)
    • Maintain TBS hardware
    • Bring up, maintain, execute test suites to test various WCDMA technologies (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, CPC, HS-RACH, etc.)
    • Design log parsing software to automatically process job runs in a user-friendly e-mail format and companion wiki format that writes to a wiki server
    • Maintain legacy code written in multiple languages
    • Work across groups to integrate multiple software tools
    • Transition projects to international site
    • Headed project to convert source control from ClearCase to Git/Gerrit/Jenkins

    QuIC BAIT Team - automating embedded Linux and Android
    • Create process to integrate virtual chipsets at remote sites into local CI automation system
    • Architect custom XMLRPC communications protocol, infrastructure for remote job queuing between groups/sites
    • Extend functionality of ElectricCommander software
    • Port Microsoft Windows manual processes to Linux automated infrastructure
    • Utilize Trace32 JTAG debugger for firmware loading, modify Trace32 loading macros for automation
    • Contribute to software deployments for CodeAurora Forums
    • Develop process to optimize WAN source repository file transfers over limited link

    Cisco Systems, Inc. - Software Engineering
    (2008 - 2011)
    • Create and spearhead release certification and QA effort for iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and other platform launches of AnyConnect
    • Create and maintain SSL/DTLS and IPsec VPN testbed back-end infrastructure
    • Scale, maintain, and enhance automated build system with easy-to-use web interface for various client software platforms utilizing VMWare VCenter, Apple Remote Desktop, Python, PHP, SQL, Apache, Xcode, GCC, Visual Studio to support a handful of development teams simultaneously
    • Release engineering - maintain and repair makefiles, dependencies and libraries to keep code building
    • Utilize third-party software to optimize testing process to reduce manual test requirements
    • Train support staff on new products for customer issues resolution
    • Test pre-release and beta equipment/software from multiple vendors to ensure compliance and compatibility
    • Manage purchasing process to adhere to budgetary constraints and acquire proper equipment and software for team efforts
    • Support mobile testing of Apple's iPhone VPN client through corporate partnership
    • Utilize Microsoft WHQL driver testing and certification process to certify and sign code for embedded, mobile, and desktop Microsoft platforms

    Apple, Inc. - iPhone Software Engineering
    (2007 - 2008)
    • Create and design VPN test processes
    • Research automated QA platform for VPN testing
    • Manage borderzone alpha network for livability testing
    • Create IPsec VPN testbed environment
    • Sign off on a handful of iOS releases
    • Configure and deploy RADIUS, NT auth, and other authentication backend systems
    • Work with customer on-site to troubleshoot connection issues
    • Track, debug, log, and diagnose connectivity issues
    • WiFi, WPA, WEP network troubleshooting and debugging using AiroPeek and other tools
    • Assisted on MobileMe, Time Capsule, Snow Leopard and other projects
    • Travel to customer sites for dev test troubleshooting

    University of Michigan Information Technology Services - Network Systems Support
    (2006 - 2007)
    • Deployed, maintained, catalogued, updated network and telecom systems (VPN, WiFi, wired, VoIP)
    • Wrote software solutions for network security and stability
    • Facilitated decision-making for technology purposes

    University of Michigan Information Technology Services - HelpDesk
    (Summer 2006)
    • Answer, diagnose, troubleshoot customer problems. Admin and support.
    University of Michigan - Bachelor of Science
            (May 2007)
                    Major: Computer Information Systems
    Computer Science
    Skills and Experience
    Operating Systems:
    Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux, BSD

    Git, Gerrit, JIRA, Microsoft Office, GCC, ElectriCommander, Visual Studio, AiroPeek, WireShark, cellular handset utilities

    • Build hardware and software projects to simplify lifestyle while expanding learning
    Amateur Radio
    • FCC-Certified General Class Amateur License
    • Communicate over HF, VHF, and UHF frequencies with people around the world
    • Build and design multiple RF antennas
    • Monitor amateur frequencies for community awareness and safety